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How do I upload my website?

The best way to upload your web site is via FTP. This can be done in a number of different ways using many different FTP clients. Every client needs 4 things which were e-mailed to you at time of signup:

  1. Domain name or IP Address.
  2. Username.
  3. Password.

The files for your site main site will need to be uploaded to the public_html folder. A recommended FTP Client is FileZilla.

Once entering in the connection information, you will see 2 set's of files. The left hand side, will be your local computer file's, and the right hand side will show the files that are on your webhosting account. On the right hand side, you will need to enter the public_html folder, and then while on the left side navigate to where your local website files are stored, and then begin a drop and drop from left side window to the right side window. This will start the uploading process, and the upload queue will appear in the bottom box of FileZilla.

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